Sunday, June 19, 2011

19. A Song From a Musical that Disappointed You

Grease 2 "Cool Rider"

When I was 11, I remember using $20 to invest in a couple movies (on VHS). One was Dumb and Dumber and the other was Grease. I loved both movies and watched them over and over again. When my Mom told me they made a sequel to Grease, I was excited to watch it. Grease 2 was one of my first experiences in learning that some sequels should never see the light of day.

Seeing a new class of seniors taking over Rydell High, the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies was pretty awesome. It was also cool to see the transition from the fifties to the sixties and how the attitude of the students had changed over time. Some numbers were very cool, but most of them were so overly ridiculous, like "Reproduction" and "Score Tonight." I mean, really? Sexual innuendos doubled as terms for bowling? Yes, it was overly cheesy. If you want a classic and entertaining musical, stick with the original and skip the sequel.

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