Friday, March 11, 2011

BC #10- Something You're Afraid Of

I have some pretty legitimate fears: being diagnosed with Alzheimer's, having my kid inherit his father's temper, and becoming dependent on a plethora of medications. There is one more fear that I probably should take notice of... since it was made aware on my 14th birthday.

I had a party/sleepover that year with seven of my girlfriends. We had a blast: ate pizza and talked about boys we liked, created dance routines to our favorite songs, sung in the middle of the cul-de-sac, and watched a couple movies.

It was around midnight and the majority of us decided to watch Scream (the others were already asleep).

Wait a minute... Drew Barrymore's character was named Casey??? I thought it was cool to see a female with the same name as me in a movie, since it's more often a boys name.

A couple years later, Scream 2 hits the theaters.

In the sequel, the killers are copying Billy and Stu's handiwork... in the forms of people that share the names of those who died in the first movie. Cici, aka. Sarah Michelle Gellar's part in the movie, is actually named Casey. Hmm... that's two times a female named Casey has been killed. Brutally, I might add.

So it got me thinking... I share that name (among a few personality traits/ interests) and was told that I resembled Drew Barrymore in junior high and high school. If, someday, someone decided to pay true homage to the movies by killing lookalikes with the same first name.... I could be in danger.

Maybe I need to study up on how good I am with horror movie trivia and memorize the rules to survive a horror movie (like a real killer would do that, but there are some good common sense rules in that).

Oh, and carry pepper spray...


  1. Put down the crackpipe...I think you'll be fine. ;)

  2. I wonder if their is a scientific named for the fear of being murdered by a copy cat murderer paying homage to horror films.