Monday, March 21, 2011

BC #20- My Nicknames

Case- This nickname, which is actually a shorter version of my first name, is the one that I'm called the most. My closest friends use this one pretty often. If I am dating somebody and they start calling me Case, I take that as a sign that they really like me and that they are becoming emotionally attached.

Sunshine- I was given this nickname in the eighth grade by my friends Theresa and Ashley. We were hanging out one day at school and they both noted that I was always cheery and happy. They said they've been referring to me as Sunshine for a while. I immediately adopted the nickname. I have a picture frame next to my bed with the word sunshine on it, which was given to me by my Mom. I also put my nickname on a girl's jersey senior year, which I still own (and probably won't ever get rid of it).

Swaffy- This nickname is a shortened version of my maiden name. It was given to me Labor Day weekend 2003 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. My sister and I went with our parents to a trampoline meet that weekend and were hanging out with the Michigan athletes around the city. They had been calling our mom Swaffy for a couple years, so when my sister and I were part of the social circle, we were also given the same nickname.

Movie Geek- I gave myself this nickname, and several others have adopted it when referring to me. I think it's pretty self explanatory. I'm a movie geek.... as in watching movies all the time, know tons of useless trivia about movies and actors, and keep myself updated on the latest movie news. Oh, and I'm damned proud to be one!!!

Jordan- This was a short lived nickname. My friends Adrienne, Meghan and I were somewhat into the Hanson thing in the 8th grade and we all gave ourselves nicknames for the boys in the group. I was Jordan, which is Taylor Hanson's actual first name. I remember getting a Valentine from Adrienne that year that was addressed to Jordan. She also wrote that nickname in my yearbook at the end of the school year.

Baby/Babe- This is a term of endearment that many of my past significant others have called me. I've had several nicknames from exes, but this is the one that I liked the most :-)

Mom/Mommy/Truman's Mom- Okay, this really isn't a nickname since I am, in fact, a mother. In the instances that I am called Truman's Mom, it's for people that know Truman before they know me... like the kids in his classroom when I chaperoned his field trip back in November, or when I was first working at my job (half the servers knew Truman because we dined there a lot, and eventually my coworkers knew my first name).

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