Sunday, March 27, 2011

BC #26- Your Dream Wedding

I'm not going to lie. This blog is one of the most difficult I've had to write for this challenge. Why? Well, I haven't really given much thought to my dream wedding. A lot of it has to do with the fact that your wedding day is not meant to be the most important day of your life. If I were to believe that, then I would have nothing else to look forward to in the future.

When my ex-husband and I got married, we spent a total of $46. That was for a marriage license and paperwork to change my last name. That's it. We went to the Independence courthouse on a Saturday morning and were married by a Justice of the Peace. I was wearing a pink long sleeved t-shirt and black pants. We had no family or friends there. Yeah... I'm not doing that again. When I find myself in love and about to get married, I want it special, but low key and inexpensive.

I know I would love to have a fall wedding. Something like late September or October... when the summer heat starts to disappear and the cool, crisp weather takes over. I've always liked the colors of fall, so to have red, orange, yellow, and brown leaves surrounding the wedding and reception would be absolutely gorgeous!

I would like to have an indoor wedding. I would want to step away from a church and have it elsewhere, like Union Station in Kansas City or Longview Mansion. I love the idea of getting married in a place that is rich in history. If the facility can double as a reception, then awesome. Not having to travel across town from wedding to reception would make things easier for everyone. If I had the opportunity to get married on a beach, I wouldn't say no :-)

The dress will be on the simpler side. I do not like a lot of lace or bead work. I want the bottom of the dress to be on the poofier side, much like my junior prom dress (one of the few times in my life where I felt as beautiful as a princess). I am not fond of a pure white dress, so I would have to go with off white or champagne. I like the idea of an accent color, like red, blue or purple. If I can find a dress with minimal accent color, then I might have to get it.

My favorite flowers are roses. I like that there are a variety of colors, but for a wedding I have to go with crimson and white ones. Add baby's breath and other green foliage and I will be happy. Oh, and a ribbon to match the color scheme of the wedding.

At the reception, I want there to be a mix of some of the more common food choices for wedding meals (like salad, fruits, and vegetables) but I also would like to share some favorite foods of my future spouse and myself. For me, I would like to enjoy some fettuchini alfredo or salmon. I would also want chocolate covered strawberries (milk, dark, and white chocolate).

The wedding cake would have to match the floral arrangements and/or wedding colors. Since I like roses, I would want the exterior of the cake to be covered in white icing/fondant and be accented with edible rose pieces (see pic below for example). I want to have a four layer cake. The bottom layer would be chocolate. The second tier would be white. The third tier would be red velvet. The top layer... something special that my future spouse and I would pick (since that is what would be shared on our first year anniversary... yes, I would follow tradition). I would make an attempt to sample each layer of the cake on my wedding day... I have a sweet tooth, after all!

After enjoying food and cake... party time!!! I want to be able to have a great time dancing with friends and family. For those who missed my music video blog challenge, there was a blog about a song to play at my wedding. Well, I picked a song to pay homage to my love for The Rocky Horror Picture Show... The Time Warp. I want to do the pelvic thrust in a wedding dress!!! There are other songs I want to hear, but that one is a must play!

Well, that's pretty much what I wanted to cover about my dream wedding. I am nowhere near making this dream a reality, but thinking about it does get me a little excited. :-)


  1. Fall has always been a much better choice for weddings than spring for me. Its definitely the Pagan in me but I'd like to be married in a small clearing in the woods. Somewhere with enough room for some chairs and a small stage area and wedding arch but small enough that the sky is barely visible through the tree canopy. Perhaps a state park or something where they have pavilions for the reception. Maybe even some cabins so the wedding night could be spent close by in the woods, in a cozy little cabin with a nice fire to chase away the nippy fall night air.

  2. We looked at having our wedding at Longview in December (off season) and it was going to be thousands of dollars to just rent it. If you have one there, it would be amazing!