Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BC #22- What's in Your Purse/Wallet?

What's in my purse... wow, how this reminds me of a scene from The Breakfast Club. Anyways, lets see what I, Casey, keep in my purse on a day to day basis!

Yes, this purse was given to me by my Mom on my last birthday. I've basically been using it since then. For anyone that knows me, I don't carry big purses. Too much crap to carry. My current purse is basically the biggest size that I'll carry around. It has three compartments. One is a zip up side that is for carrying ID, cards, and cash. The other side is a button clasp for little things. Then there is the central part of the purse with a hidden zip up portion for little things.

Zip up side:
-My driver's license
-Debit card
-Weight Watchers Quick Reference Points Guide (always been in every purse since 2003)
-Store reward cards (Borders, Torrid, Bath and Body Works, Maurice's, Toys R Us)
-Random change

Button Clasp side:
-Hand Sanitizer (Bath and Body Works-coconut lime verbana)
-Feminine Products

Central Portion:
-Checkbook (The Peanuts gang are on the cover, hehe)
-Mini Calender
-Travel size bottle of lotion (sun ripened raspberry)
-Cell phone (when not using it)

Hidden Zip Up Area:
-Lip Balm (sparkling melon flavored)
-Band aids
-Condoms (What? I'm single and like to be prepared!)
-Food Handlers Permit
-Couple photos of my kiddo
-List of VHS movies I used to own that I need to buy on DVD

And that is what's in my purse. :-)

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