Thursday, March 3, 2011

BC #2- The Meaning Behind Your Blog Name


This one is pretty obvious. KC stands for Kansas City, the place that I have called home for my entire life (with the exception of my semester in St. Louis and a couple months in Fort Scott, KS-which is technically on the outskirts of the KC area). Movie Geek... come on! I'm a self proclaimed movie geek and have blogged a lot about movies in general, so my nickname is part of my blog address.

Organized Chaos!:

Organized Chaos is a phrase I have been using since I was 16. When deciding on a theme for my high school's yearbook my junior year, someone suggested Organized Chaos. I loved the idea and remembered designing some spreads with that theme. We ended up using a different theme, but the phrase stuck with me. When I was a senior I took an English class that gave me college credit through UMKC. Our final project was to come up with a portfolio showcasing what we did that semester. The phrase Organized Chaos immediately came to mind and became the theme for my portfolio.

To me, Organized Chaos represents life and all its unpredictability. But in life, we have our own standards that make the chaos in life manageable. For my blog, I do have a focus that pertains to movies and pop culture, but I tend to blog a lot about other things (not to mention I enjoy taking on blog challenges, obviously). So in my crazy little world of blogging, I have it all organized and labeled so everyone can have access to certain types of blogs like the ones about movies or the ones that focus on my personal life.

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