Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Music Tuesday: A Handful of New Songs Plus Rockfest!

I can tell that Spring is coming because there is a huge wave of new music hitting the airwaves. I am having a lot of luck finding new songs to feature on my blogs. I said I would work on variety and I accomplished that for you guys. Go me!!!

Cults "Go Outside"

When I first saw the music video for this song (which I have had difficulty finding the past few weeks), I knew it sounded familiar. I realized just yesterday that it was on a commercial... I think for Coca Cola, but not sure. Anyway, I like the song. It's catchy and has a warm vibe to it.

Papa Roach "Burn"

This one is fairly new. I haven't been catching up on my rock music lately, but I am working on it. I like that Papa Roach has returned with what sounds like a great new album. They are going back on tour this spring and summer, and I might have to catch their show here in Kansas City (more details in a bit...)

Mike Posner feat. Lil Wayne "Bow Chicka Wow Wow"

One of the disadvantages of having a kid? Phrases like "Bow Chicka Wow Wow" remind you of furry chipmunks with a music career. I'm hoping that Mike Posner's latest single will break me out of that. I also might have to worry about my dating future, since there will be guys out there that will take note of this song and try to put their own spin on it. That would either make me giggle or run far, far away. I'm hoping for the giggles.

Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull "On the Floor"

Jennifer Lopez has made a comeback in the music world... and a good one! Some of you may remember her mediocre attempt a year or two ago with a song called "Louboutins," which paid homage to the designer footwear. I'm glad that it didn't kill her music career. Her efforts to make a better song (and future album) are very noticeable. Add Pitbull to the single and you have what I will see as the best clubbing song for the spring and summer.

Train "Marry Me"

This is one of those songs that tell a simple, yet heartwarming story. The video helps tell the same story as the lyrics. First, it features many real-life couples and their stories that led to marriage (in a When Harry Met Sally kind of way). Then, you see the story of a waitress and a regular at a diner and how they both notice each other. I foresee many proposals and weddings to be accompanied with this song for the next several years.

Okay, now onto the concert news.

One of Kansas City's most popular concerts was announced yesterday. Rockfest. I have almost gone several times (still kicking myself for not going in 2001, when all the main stage artists/groups were my absolute favorites at the time). But, with this years announcements, I am really considering buying tickets.

The Main Stage bands include Halestorm, Hinder, Sevendust, Alter Bridge, Papa Roach, Stone Sour, and Disturbed. The Second Stage will feature Evalyn Awake (my friend Tyler's band- formerly from The Leo Project and Intent), New Medicine, Art of Dying, Hail the Villian, Red Line Chemistry (another KC band), 10 Years, All That Remains, and Black Label Society. I am extremely excited to see four of these bands live, and would hope that it won't be like last years "mudfest."

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