Wednesday, March 30, 2011

BC #29- Three Wishes

"Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now.."

Last August, I spent several hours watching the Perseid meteor shower while lying out on my back deck. I enjoyed seeing over a dozen shooting stars that night. One of them was extremely bright and absolutely gorgeous. While I was counting the ones I saw, I ended up making some wishes. Call me naive, but when I make "silly little wishes" and they become true, I feel like I can have a some faith in it. And yes, a wish I made did come true.

Now, I don't have a shooting star (or three), but I will make some wishes right now.

1. I wish to have consistent motivation to exercise and eat healthier. I have a few things, health-wise, riding against me (through genetics): borderline diabetes, gall bladder stones (leading to removal of the organ), and clogging of arteries. All of these things can be prevented with eating right and exercising. Eating healthier is the lesser of the two problems, since that's not hard for me to do. The motivation to exercise is very inconsistent for me. I will exercise for a few days to a few weeks, then suddenly stop. I want my mind to push through that rut and make it part of my daily/weekly routine. I have plenty of resources at home to get me there (and for free, mind you). I just need that extra push.

2. I wish for my son to not turn out to be like his father, when it comes to responsibility and behavior. My ex had issues with anybody that tried to take authority over him (coworkers and bosses, family, and friends), which led to isolation from all of those people (and loss of several jobs in the time he and I were together). He spent the last year we were married unemployed and sleeping with several women. My ex also had a violent temper. Whenever my son gets mad, the face he makes resembles his father so much that it make my heart stop for a second. If those three things never happen to my kid, I will feel like I don't have to worry about anything he does in life (aside from what random curve balls get thrown at you.. hey, I am a realist after all). I know, as his mother, I am doing something right since I get told many times how well behaved he is and how well he is doing in school and church.

3. I wish gas prices would go down. The last time I filled up my truck (which has a 30 gallon tank), it cost me a little over $96. That amount is sometimes half of my paycheck from the bar (thank goodness for March Madness.. it has picked up business and customers have stayed longer to watch the games). It would be nice to pay a little over a dollar a gallon (which was what I was paying when I was driving my first car in 2001), but I know that's wishful thinking. Reducing the prices down a dollar from where it is now would significantly help. I applaud my friends that travel to/from the Lawrence/Topeka area for work... and I'm afraid to ask what you pay for fuel each week.

Let's see if this wishes come true... I know I'm not the only one who will benefit from the third one :-)

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  1. I'd be willing to climb up on one of your neighbor's roofs and throw a flashlight past your window so you could wish for number three!!!