Thursday, March 10, 2011

BC #9- Favorite Pic of My Best Friend

Okay, this might come off as sad and pathetic, but I don't have any pics of my best friend Brandon. Therefore, I shall steal a pic of him off of his Facebook.

*Ninja approach.... *

Got it!!!

And there he is! :-)

Brandon and I first met sophomore year in high school, through my high school sweetheart Ben (you know, the one I wrote about last week). He and I quickly caught on to each others personalities and sense of humor. We hung out occasionally in high school, normally with a big group of friends. It usually involved a diner of some sort, lots of stories, and lots of laughs.

After high school (and after my semester in St. Louis), spending time together became the normal thing to do every weekend. We hung out in bookstores, played trivia while dining at Buffalo Wild Wings, and went to see the random movie. The one thing we liked to do the most was to go clubbing. There was a place in Olathe back in 2003 called Orlando's, which was an "18 to get in and 21 to drink" bar/dance club. We took advantage of going there almost every weekend. Brandon and I wouldn't go unless we knew each other would be there (so we would have a guaranteed dance partner). At this time in my life, I was having so much fun and he and I had a great time together.

After I met my ex-husband Brian, social time dwindled to almost nothing. I hardly saw Brandon or any of my other friends. The last time I saw Brandon was when I went to a movie with him and a few others in 2006 (my ex was not there... he was out of town).

Fast foward a few years...

When I separated from Brian, one of the first things I did was open a Facebook account. Brandon was one of the first people I friend requested. After catching up with each other, I finally opened up to him about everything that happened to me during my marriage. He and I spent hours and hours talking about it over several months. Doing so not only helped me immensely with moving forward with my life, but it also made our friendship stronger. I am proud to call him my best friend. We can honestly talk to each other about anything and everything (and believe me, we've discussed it all).

The only thing I wish is that he and I lived in the same town. He is five hours away (in another state) and I haven't seen him in five years. I just might have to make a road trip to see him soon!!!

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  1. I know had bad it sucks being to far away to see your best friend. :(