Thursday, March 31, 2011

BC #30 Picture of Yourself Today and 5 Good Things That Have Happened to You Since You Started This Challenge

Okay, I know it says a pic of myself today, but the pic below was taken at the end of January. I took it with my cell phone and I really liked how it turned out (I have personal issues with a lot of pics of me, just because pics tend to be more unflattering). So there! This is my "today" pic :-)

All right, 5 good things that happened to me since starting the blog challenge....

1. I got my foot in the door toward landing my dream job by becoming a freelance writer/blogger for The Pitch. As of today, I have 4 articles published on Wayward Blog (the music section).

2. I have added a significant amount of movies to my movie collection, through a couple of Blockbuster Videos that are closing/ closed. By significant, I mean at least 40 movies.

3. I went to the Midland theater to see a pre-screening of Kevin Smith's film, Red State. It was followed by a Q&A session, which included an hour long "interview" with two members of the Phelps family (ones that "got out"). Just being there was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

4. I attended my very first convention, Planet Comicon. As soon as I walked in the door, I felt like I belonged there. My son dressed as Darth Vader, I walked around with good friends I know through Rocky Horror Picture Show, and I got to meet Michael McMillian, a KC native that was on a couple of my favorite shows (True Blood, Big Love). I am already planning to go to another convention Memorial Day weekend :-)

5. Between a settlement check from the Department of Treasury, my state and federal tax refunds, working several days at the daycare, and March Madness (bringing more people to the bar), I've had a financially beneficial month.

This concludes the 30 day blog challenge. I liked how this one allowed me to add pictures and use devices to get these blogs completed. That, and I had been lacking in some personal blogs lately. I'm glad I waited a few months to do this challenge, since it gave me time to give myself a new life to my blog with my weekly themed posts. I hope my readers enjoyed taking another glimpse into my personal life, and will try to incorporate more of it in future blogs.

*Exits stage left*

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  1. LOL you turned into Snagglepuss at the end. :D