Monday, March 14, 2011

BC #13- Goals

I have a lot of goals that I would like to accomplish in my lifetime. I thought that for this blog I would just write out a list of these goals. Do not mistake this as my bucket list, even though a few of my goals are on it. These are not in order of importance... they are just listed as I thought of them.

Short Term Goals:
-Get money put into my savings account so it can start building interest

-Start some kind of regular exercise program to tone the areas of my body that I'm not satisfied with

-Solve the problem with past loans to be able to move forward with receiving pell grants (so I can start enrolling for college classes again)

-Paint/decorate my bathroom

-Set up a meeting to start planning my 10 year high school reunion (Yes, I volunteered to be the leader/ co-leader of the planning committee)

-Install Microsoft Word onto my laptop (it would make writing/blogging so much easier to do)

-Find the four matching brackets I need to complete hanging shelves in my room

Long Term Goals:
-Finish my degree/ graduate college

-Become a homeowner

-Find myself in an honest, communicative, happy relationship/marriage

-Get a savings account set up for my son

-Get back to my pre-pregnancy weight (even though I wasn't happy with my weight back then, I have learned to love my body for it's voluptuousness)

-Land my dream job as a published writer (and become financially stable with that job), which I already have my foot in the door- with the blogs I've written for The Pitch :-)

Now, if you'll excuse me... I'm going to work on some of these goals!!!


  1. Good list! Just curious, not trying to be nosy, but I was wondering what the problems where from past loans? Do you still owe on them? We've been through a big mess right now sorting out Michael's student loan situation so I've gotten pretty knowledgeable about all the different stuff so I thought maybe I could help.

  2. Great list of goals. I wish you every success in meeting ever one of them as soon as possible.

  3. My problems with getting pell grants have to do with loans that got written off by the bank, but they still show that I owe money. I have the paperwork sent to me from my bank showing the cancelled debt (and had to file it when tax time came last year). I just don't know how to resolve it.

  4. so the bank has completely written them off as you owe them no more money? You will probably need to call the department of education directly. have you looked around their website for more info? Its a good thing you got it before tax time. Thats what got us this year. They took our entire refund because we missed a payment. Also how did you get them to write off your loans?