Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Music Tuesday: A Horribly Autotuned Disaster Plus Four Other Songs

Hello music listeners! I seem to be finding a lot of new music lately (which is a good thing... mostly). I am trying to find more variety in what I feature, since I seem to be sticking to a lot of Top 40 and Pop music. I'm an eclectic listener so I feel I need to do some more research (especially in the rock and indie genres). Anyway, lets get to the five new songs I have decided to share!

Kim Kardashian "Jam (Turn It Up)"

If you survived that song, congratulations and I'm sorry you just lost 4 minutes of your life. It's for people like Miss Kardashian that auto tune has made so much money for the music industry. I hope that most of the general public agrees with me that this song is absolutely horrible. I don't want to hear it on the pop stations every hour. Ugh!

Kayne West feat. Rihanna and Kid Cudi "All of the Lights"

If anyone wants to test to see if they suffer from photosensitive epilepsy, then you need to watch this video (looks like I don't suffer from it, lol). As with many of Kanye's videos, all the randomness doesn't make sense but it makes for some pretty good visual entertainment. Rihanna keeps popping up everywhere right now; I just hope she knows where to stop before it becomes an annoyance. I really liked Rihanna's top... I would so wear something like that! I don't really get all the random shout outs to other celebrities, oh well. The song isn't that bad either, I might have to consider getting this album (not just for this song).

Sara Bareilles "Uncharted"

When I first watched this video, I immediately though of Nickelback's "Rockstar" music video. It's the exact same concept! Celebrities singing along to the lyrics... but I admit that this one is more entertaining. It starts with Professor Ben Folds (uncharted rhymes with farted..haha) then Ryan Tedder, Adam Levine, Pharrell, Josh Groban, Tegan and Sara, and more (here is an article that gives more insight to the video). Now, about the song? Absolutely beautiful and I shall be purchasing it on ITunes soon :-)

David Cook "Dont You Forget About Me"

I have been waiting since the beginning of the year to finally listen to David Cook's first single off his sophomore album. When I read the title of the song, I immediately thought of The Breakfast Club . It turns out my movie geekness was dead on, since it's a remake of one of my favorite 80's songs. I do admit I am a little disappointed that it wasn't an original song by Mr. Cook, but I can't complain that I get to her his voice again :-)

Jordan Knight "Let's Go Higher"

Why am I not surprised that Jordan Knight is taking advantage of the NKOTBSB fame to promote new music for a new solo album? This song is one I will expect to hear in a dance club. It's catchy, but not enough for me to jump at the opportunity to purchase the album in a couple months. I do, however, expect to hear Jordan perform it at the NKOTBSB concert I will be attending in July.

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  1. The Sara Bareilles "Uncharted" was pretty good though I don't know any of the people you mentioned that were in it. I am guessing there are American Idol folks. I haven't watched that show since Ruben Studdard won.