Sunday, March 13, 2011

BC #12- Something You Don't Leave the House Without

Okay, there are several things that I make sure I have before leaving the house. My keys, my purse, a coat or jacket on cold days, my debit card, and a car seat for times when my kid is accompanying me. There is one item that I make sure I have... since it's the best way to communicate with me. My cell phone.

The LG Lotus phone... and it's purple! I inherited this phone from my sister last year and it has been good to me. I take pics with it all the time (and I'm pretty impressed with the quality in the pics, although it would be nice to be able to zoom in and out). I like that I can check my Facebook and Twitter on it (despite there are some limitations with accessing attachments to some posts). I have found a free website to upload some pretty awesome ringtones. Between movie themes, video game themes, and movie quotes, my geekness is highly represented with ringtones.

Now, with several friends and family members owning touch screen phones, I am ready to look into upgrading my phone. I want to be able to check into places through FourSquare, have the ability to blog on my phone, and use a few other apps that I already use on my social networking pages. Since I am going with Sprint, the Android and the Evo are the likely candidates. However, the next few months are likely to roll out some new phones, so I might have to keep my eyes out for new possibilities.

Blackberry? I can live without it :-)

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  1. I couldn't zoom in and out with mine either... until I went into the settings and change the default picture size. With mine if its set to the largest it won't zoom in and out. Not that yours is the same just thought I'd pass that on.