Tuesday, March 8, 2011

BC #7- Your Favorite Movies

Well, what do we have here??? A blog challenge about my favorite movies. Some of you are curious about what I consider to be my favorite movies of all time... and I am more than happy to share that with you. Some of you know what my top 5 has been, but I have made some recent revisions (goodbye The Dark Knight). With so many good movies out there, I want to share with you my 10 favorite movies. Get ready for some great films (and some surprises).

#10- Chasing Amy

Holden McNeil (Ben Affleck) and Banky Edwards (Jason Lee) are partners in making comic books. While working at a convention, they meet Alyssa (Joey Lauren Adams). Holden immediately has a crush on her and tries to pursue her, until he finds out that she's gay. They continue to hang out, but Holden's feelings grow stronger. He confesses his love to Alyssa, which begins a fight, but they end up as a couple. Despite their love for each other, obstacles get in the way. Alyssa's friends are disappointed in her, Banky is jealous that Holden is spending so much time with Alyssa, and Holden discovers a lot of things about Alyssa's past that he just cannot seem to get out of his mind. Holden has to decide whether to let the past go or make a change for the sake of the relationship.

Kevin Smith has a great way of storytelling through words, especially with a complicated love story. I related to Holden when he was finding out about Alyssa's past (the hurt, the anger, the not so discreet way of confronting her... yeah it was pretty obvious). I also related to Banky, since I had friends that resented me when in a new relationship (especially with blowing off the girls to spend time with a significant other). Alyssa... she is somewhat of a role model to me. She's independent, very straightforward about her lifestyle, and is willing to take a chance with her heart. Add all the geekiness (comic books, conventions, creative SAT questions) and I am a happy girl!

#9- The Boondock Saints

Two Irish-Catholic brothers, acting on their own behalf to eliminate the Mafia and their affiliates in the Boston area.... sounds like a pretty fucking good idea to me! Yes, they are offing people, but you can't help that they have the right intentions and cheer for them. They have very unconventional ways for getting the job done, like they've watched too much bad television (as Agent Smecker points out at one of the crime scenes).

This movie exceeded my expectations. I knew I was going to enjoy it, but not as much as I did. There's some great action sequences, lots of laughs (the more I watch the scene where the cat gets shot, the funnier it gets), and lots of attention to detail by the great Paul Smecker. I love *my* Irish boys and was happy to see them reunite for a sequel (which was pretty good, but lacking in the Rocco and Smecker areas... for obvious reasons). Oh, and if anyone wants to learn how to use the word "fuck" in every way possible, then this is the perfect movie use as a guide, LOL.

#8- August Rush

A very simple story with a very BIG heart. A boy named Evan is on a journey to use music to seek out his biological parents in New York City. Meanwhile, his mother, a cellist, is on a search to find him after discovering he is alive. His father finds himself at a crossroads in his life and ends up making a cross country trip to rediscover his passion for music. In the end, everything comes together... at a concert in Central Park.

One of my favorite things about this movie, aside from the story and the music, is how you see that New York City is full of musical arrangements. I know that if I ever need inspiration, I can just take a trip, sit on a bench and write down what I see or hear around me. I loved how Robin Williams played a character who hates Julliard, when he attended that same school in his youth. Oh, and I need to thank my best friend for raving about this movie. You were definitely right about it, Brandon :-)

#7- Cruel Intentions

Two high school step-siblings, who are experts at manipulation and seduction, make a pact to destroy the innocence of a couple new students before the school year begins. Sebastian goes for Annette, who has vowed to stay a virgin until she falls in love; Kathryn goes for Cecil, who's developed an interest in her music instructor. However, for Sebastian, things don't go as planned when he ends up falling for Annette, to the displeasure of Kathryn.

This is my number one guilty pleasure movie (I was fifteen when I saw this movie in theaters, so it's also my favorite coming of age film). I have been given a lot of crap for having this in my favorites list over the years, but I do need to point out that this was a remake of the novel Les Liasons Dangereuses (Dangerous Liasons) and it was aimed to introduce the classic to a younger generation. And yes, I have seen the films Valmont and Dangerous Liasons... but Cruel Intentions will always be my favorite retelling of the novel.

#6- The Departed

A movie with dirty cops, undercover cops, the Boston Mafia scene, and directed by Martin Scorsese. Talk about a great combination!!! It took me a couple viewings to comprehend everything that happened in the film, and I was highly impressed. I was very satisfied with how all of the angles were worked out to make the film very believable. Leonardo DiCaprio as Billy Costigan was so good that I forgot about the actor and just saw the character on the screen. I could not get enough of this movie when I first saw it; I think I watched it about a dozen times in a month.

#5- Forrest Gump

I don't see how anyone could hate this movie. It's full of wisdom, life's ups and downs, and southern hospitality. It's a wonderful story of Forrest's life and the people that touched him dearly through his journey. You cheered for him when his leg braces fell off. You were sad when he lost his Momma and Bubba. You laughed when he showed off his bullet wound. And, when Jenny and Forrest finally became a couple and married (with little Forrest as the ring bearer), you were happy. It also made me realize, at the age of 10,  that people with learning and developmental problems can live a normal life and be happy. I will always love my Grandpa (RIP) and Grandma Savory for introducing me to this film... it was basically the first film that made me realize the beauty of a great story.

#4- Ferris Bueller's Day Off

I have loved this movie since I was about 3 years old... not kidding (well, that and Dirty Dancing... my family always had HBO). What teen wouldn't want to play hooky from school and spend the day doing all kinds of things in the city? I know I wanted to... even though I never actually did it. At one point in time, I dreamed of owning a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California. Ferris is one of those individuals who will remain true to himself and won't settle for a life that is monotonous or mediocre. He will always be one of the most interesting people you meet... which is probably why I always have been attracted to people like that :-)

#3- The Shawshank Redemption

What would you do if you were charged with murder and had to spent a lifetime sentence for a crime you didn't commit? For Andy Dufresne, he kept himself busy. During the day, he would write letters that eventually became a project for an enormous library for the inmates. He also used his banking skills to help prepare taxes for all the guards as well as do the books for the Warden, but he was a lot smarter than he let on. It wasn't until he escaped the prison and was hundreds of miles away that the Warden and his best friend Red figured out what he did at night to keep his sanity... behind a really big poster!

I was actually introduced to this movie by a convicted felon... my ex-husband. Of course, my views on the movie differ dramatically from his, since I have not served a sentence in prison (a few hours in my town's jail, yes... but it's not the same). You fall in love with all the characters, the story and the time period. I cannot find a single thing I dislike about this movie... or any flaws for that matter! If anyone reading this has yet to watch this movie... stop whatever you are doing and watch it. NOW!!! Then tell me what you thought about it.

#2- The Phantom of the Opera

Having just recently reviewed this on my Valentine's movie blog, I'm going to focus on a few key points as to how it made it at nearly the top. I am a hopeless romantic. That started when I was about eight years old when first seeing Disney's Beauty and the Beast. So as an adult, who has experienced love a couple of times, seeing the passion and the romance just made me feel like that eight year old all over again. This movie hones in on my theater background, my love for music and my emotional depth. I absolutely need to see a stage production of this before I die. Where's my Phantom (minus the murderous rage)???

Now you know what my favorites are... pretty good list, don't you think???

Yes, I am aware I didn't list my number one favorite movie. There is a reason for that; it gets it's very own blog later this month. It's different than my other favorites, but it's definitely a great one for any movie geek out there! For now, I'll give you a few clues to guess what it could possibly be: It is a 1994 film set in the Los Angeles area, there are a ton of big name actors/actresses in the movie, and the plot is complicated, in the sense that there are several mini plots in the film, which all ties together in a "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" kind of way. Good luck guessing!!! ;-)


  1. I don't see how anyone could hate Chasing Amy, though it's my least favorite of the Askewniverse flicks...Shawkshank...Forest Gump...

    Some great choices there.

  2. I already know what number one is but I still felt cheated when I scrolled down and it wasn't here. You're such a tease!!! Awesome list though. I added three of these to my Netflix queue having never seen them. Oh and I have to rib you about Phantom getting a number two rating after you just recently seeing it. Especially since you practically reprimanded me for allowing my top fav list to change so quickly after seeing Avatar and Scott Pilgrim. lol

  3. I like how you describe what the movie is about in the first paragraph and tell why you like it in the second (for most). I'm curious, now, to know what your top one is... Jealous that I don't know. ;) Rocky Horror Picture Show?