Saturday, March 12, 2011

BC #11- Favorite TV Shows

Now some of you may think that I don't get into television much because I am a movie geek. Well, it's true that I don't watch nearly as much tv as I do movies, but I do have a handful of shows that I tune into each week. To me, tv shows create more of a connection to individual characters since you see them develop in their personal lives and relationships over a given period of time. I can relate to the characters more and love seeing situations spread out over several weeks.

So what shows do I consider to be a die-hard fan of? Reality shows? NOOOOO! Game shows? Enjoyable but not on a consistent basis (although I kicked ass when watching Rock and Roll Jeopardy). My list is all about sitcoms and story-driven dramas! I now present to you my five favorite shows, accompanied with some of my favorite scenes!

#5- Big Love (HBO) **Spoiler Alert*-The following clip is a recap of the first four seasons**

A polygamous family living in modern day suburban Utah... that idea immediately grasped my attention when HBO was giving out sneak previews of the (then) new show. This is one of those shows that you really have to pay attention to, otherwise you'll miss a subtle hint that's important to a character or the story line (which I really love about the show). I like how they show all the different branches of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This show has helped me understand the religion and has prompted a lot of excellent conversation with my Mormon friends. I am saddened that the current season is the final one, but I am also intrigued at how things are going to end with the Henrickson family.

#4- Grey's Anatomy (ABC, syndicated)

I never watched this show until I was visiting my parents (this was when I was still married) and it was a special presentation of the episode where a guy shot himself with a bazooka, causing the hospital to go under a code black situation. Lets just say that episode converted me to becoming a weekly watcher. The combination of the love (and sex) lives of interns, residents, surgeons, and nurses along with some of the most interesting cases EVER make the show consistently exciting. Although some of my favorite characters are no longer around (Denny, Izzie, George), I have enjoyed watching new people come in and out of Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. I hope to see, at least, a couple more seasons of this show.

#3- Sex and the City (HBO, syndicated)

The city, the fashion, the guys, and the one-liners.... oh how I loved all of it! I related to Carrie's character a lot. She was a writer/columnist (my dream job), she made her own unique fashion choices, and she always remained positive that she would end up with the man of her dreams (even if it took several on and off tries to finally get there with Big). I loved Samantha's seemingly never ending sex life, and got to see some really cool sex toys in the process! Charlotte was the sweet, yet determined woman who would stop at nothing to find her perfect man (and ended up with Harry). Miranda was the one character that went through the most changes, from an independent lawyer to a happily married woman with a son. I proudly own every season, both movies and a few books about the most stylish show I have ever enjoyed watching!

#2- Friends (NBC, syndicated)

This is another show that I did not start watching until after a few seasons in. You have a bunch of twenty-somethings living in New York City dealing with work, love, and living in some pretty awesome apartments (benefits of Rent Control). Between Rachel and Ross (Yes, they WERE on a break), Chandler and Monica, and Rachel's unexpected pregnancy, I had never been so emotionally affected by a show (especially about Rachel and Ross). I compared myself as a mix of Rachel and Monica (more on the Monica part) and would love to be with a guy like Chandler, with his great sense of humor. I quote this show a lot and dream of one day having my little circle of friends with our own hangout like Central Perk. :-)

#1- True Blood (HBO)

Vampires. Mythological beings. Lafayette. Southern Living. Religious cults. Sex. Sex. SEX. That's only part of the many things that I cannot get enough of out of this show. I remember watching HBO one night and catching a sneak peek of this show and HAD to see what this was all about. I fell in love by the end of the first episode. Between seasons one and two, I had purchased all of Charlaine Harris' books and read them all to satisfy my craving for more drama/sex/adventure. I love how Alan Ball pays homage to the books and has added some excellent side stories to keep us begging for more (especially keeping Lafayette alive past the first season... the show would not be the same without him. If this were in real life, I would definitely be interested in being a fangbanger (vampire sex groupie... lol). I am anxiously waiting for season four to start this summer... and hope to see all of the books converted over to the show. That would be awesome!


  1. Other than Friends your Television choices make me want to run screaming from the room, or at least change the channel. I don't mean that in a bad way, lol

  2. Could you elaborate that a bit???

  3. Sorry but I have to clear up something you said. There are NOT different branches of the LDS church. The are different churches all together that started with members left the LDS church. There are several of them like the FLDS and such and the show blurs the lines a lot of which is which. Some of these people call themselves mormons and some outsiders do as well. But most often it just confuses people and makes people think all of them are a part of the lds religion and they are not at all. Thats part of the reason why the some church members no longer refer to themselves as mormons. Most of what happens in that show is not true of the LDS beliefs and uses parts of several other groups beliefs. Its not a horrible show its just a drama based on a polygamist family. But not everyone is smart enough to realize its a tv show and mostly not true. Thats when it gets annoying. Granted I haven't watched a lot of the show because I was bothered by one particular episode early on. Although I did find the show on TLC called sister wives very interesting and I know of some people who started watching big love after that show started.

  4. I knew I would probably get some facts wrong about LDS... thank you for pointing that out to me Risa :-)

  5. Different people like different things and there isn't anything wrong with that. Most TV dramas just make me cringe. However I don't mean to speak poorly of your choices. They just aren't for me.