Sunday, March 6, 2011

BC #5- A Song To Match Your Mood

Well, it's the beginning of March. At this time each year,  I'm not thinking about St. Patrick's Day or Spring Break, just yet. Before either of those things happen, I get to celebrate something else: my sister's birthday (March 10th). Instead of finding a song to match my mood (per se), I am going to share a few songs with you that remind me of her.

Bobby McFerrin "Don't Worry Be Happy"

When my sister was 4-5 years old, she was a bit of a whiner and a drama queen. In some of the instances where she would act like this, my Dad would play this song to help get her in a better mood. It worked every time. :-)

Hanson "MMMBop"

When my family and I lived in Lee's Summit for about a year, my sister and I really got into discovering our own personal tastes in music. I had become a hardcore fan of No Doubt (this was when Tragic Kingdom was climbing the record charts). In 1997 a new wave of pop music emerged, starting with the Spice Girls. Then Hanson arrived and started to take over my sister's CD player, her clothes, her walls, and the television. By my 14th birthday, I knew the words to every single song on the Middle of Nowhere album (yeah, she played the CD a lot). So whenever I hear a Hanson song (aside from "Yearbook") I think of my sister and the days where she was all about the brothers from Tulsa.

The Rembrandts "I'll Be There For You"

This is one of the few shows that my sister and I watched together in our teens (and, for me, my early 20's). She is the one that got me to start watching the show (and I'm so glad she did!). I actually have this song as her ring tone.

So as I get ready to celebrate my sister's birthday in a few days, I will probably play these songs, just for fun. You know, after I think of something to get for her. :-)


  1. You start strong with a great classic then you scroll down and get assaulted by Hanson... you have to warn people when you do that!!!

  2. What? And ruin the surprise? I don't think so!

  3. First Blog I read Case- Perfect choices. DWBH on the very first CD that was every bought in this house ( I though rediculous format that no one would pay $10-12 for-first player cost me $325) Wendy was just about 2 I think. She would try to sing along. "Friends" was first grown-up series she got into. But ya coula found the Full House theme to add to list. Everybody is a closet Hanson fan-I bet you you hummed it a time or two D71. For youngies they had talent-played own instruments and wrote songs. They just count the dollar bills. Not your song tribute anyway-she was an obsessed 5th grader. Happy Birthday Wendy Whiner.(