Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bring on the Thanksgiving Traditions... Pop Culture Style

Oh, Thanksgiving... the holiday that gathers family together to stuff their faces with home cooked food... also the holiday that lives in Christmas's shadow. With all the Christmas hoopla out there, Thanksgiving doesn't stand a chance to get the exposure that it deserves. I have decided to come up with a list of television shows that help promote this holiday, all in their own unique ways. For your reading (and viewing) pleasure... here are my favorite Thanksgiving moments.

Adam Sandler's Thanksgiving Song

As much as I enjoy his Hanukkah songs, I was very pleased with his take on Turkey Day. The song always puts a smile on my face and makes me laugh. If you find yourself in a situation this Thanksgiving where you are in the middle of family bickering, run to the nearest CD player/DVD player/Mp3 player and blast this song. It will change the mood significantly!

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

When I was about 6 or 7, I dreamed that I would have a Thanksgiving dinner like this: with my friends, with a unique assortment of food, and eating on a ping pong table. I would go for eating outdoors, but being a resident of the Midwest, it's generally cold on Turkey Day. I can save myself  from getting sick by staying indoors.

Friends- Thanksgiving Episodes

Friends had so many great Thanksgiving Episodes. I would like to post clips from all of them, but since a lot of the clips are restricted from embedding I have to make do with what I can. My absolute favorite Thanksgiving scene is when everyone is at Monica and Chandler's apartment, with Monica and Ross' parents, and the dinner leads to a huge revelation of information, like how Rachel wasn't supposed to put meat in the trifle, and Monica and Chandler were living together. After the burst out, Mrs. Gellar replies with "That's a lot of information to get in 30 seconds." Moments like that on the show were always a favorite to me (which I will blog about my favorite moments/episodes from Friends someday soon).

Roseanne- Thanksgiving episodes

Roseanne was big with scenes at the dinner table. I always thought that was very cool that no matter what happened to them on a day to day basis, they would all make a point to sit together at mealtime. The Thanksgiving dinners were never a disappointment, especially with the clip that I posted. Revealing lifestyle choices have seem to become a new found Thanksgiving tradition, and this episode honed in on that. I don't think Roseanne could have responded any better than she did to her mother.

Grey's Anatomy Thanksgiving Episodes

Treating Thanksgiving dinner like a surgical procedure... EPIC!!! I loved the chaotic feel to this episode: Izzie and Burke cooking for everyone, but not knowing who will all show up, Christina's restlessness that drives her back to working at the hospital, and how, in the end, basically everyone shows up to enjoy the meal. It just goes to show that even the busiest of professions can still find time to get together and celebrate the holiday.

Now that you're read/watched this... you are craving turkey, aren't you??? I know I am!!!


  1. I really enjoy the Everybody Loves Raymond Thanksgiving Episode where The Barone family goes to have Thanksgiving with Amy's parents. They have others too which are good but that one is classic. It shows how every family Thanksgiving seems to have squabbles and fights but as soon as dinner is served all is forgotten.

  2. VERY cool to see you put 'Friends' on there. They always had some of my favorite Thanksgiving shows. I knew you wouldn't forget to represent.

    Everybody Loves Raymond is always a good choice too! Hilarious!