Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 20- Your Views on Drugs and Alcohol

I remember doing the D.A.R.E. program in elementary school and junior high. I was proud to wear my black t-shirt and participate in all the activities to promote against using drugs and alcohol. Oh, how times have changed.... LOL

No, I'm not a druggie or a boozer. I'm just a human being that has, through self-education and personal experience, have made proper judgements toward using drugs and alcohol. As much of an experimental person that I am, I do have my limits... and those limits are definitely in the drug category.

I'll admit it, I am a fan. Domestic beers, mixed fruity drinks, malt liquors, wine, and hard liquors... I have my favorites in all of those categories. Most of the time, I drink when in social situations, but there is the occasional time where I order a drink or two with dinner or just have a glass of wine while sitting out on the back deck enjoying the weather. I do not drink to get drunk. To me that's just not appealing. However, if I am playing drinking games and it involves hard liquor, I either stop and switch to water or decide not to drive home. As long as people know what their limit is and they don't try to drive or something else while under the influence that could get themselves hurt or killed, then I don't see anything wrong with it. It would also be a little hypocritical of me to work at a bar and grille if I thought alcohol was the worst thing in the world.

I've always been curious to trying marijuana, and I've done it a few times (and pretty recently, but I don't necessarily want to admit the details on that, lol). I've hit off a bong and I've smoked blunts (and yes, I inhaled... no Bill Clinton syndrome here). I know how it feels to be high off of marijuana. I also remember learning in D.A.R.E. that marijuana is the "gateway" drug that leads you to trying others. Yea, that's bullshit. I also have been educating myself on the legalization of marijuana (which I fully support). I see how it helps out people with medical ailments, especially to cancer patients who have little to no appetite. Oh, and smoking weed is a HELL of a lot healthier than smoking cigarettes (and there are no addictive substances).

Cocaine/Crack: My only interest in this is watching the movie Blow.

Heroin: I can't think of this without referring to the scene in Pulp Fiction where she mistakes it for cocaine. Other than the enjoyment of watching this in the movie, I am not interested.

Meth: I've had a couple close friends use it. They had some interesting stories... and I'm definitely not interested in trying it.

Shrooms: Not Interested, but I had a friend use them occasionally in college.

PCP: Not Interested

Acid: Not Interested

LSD: Not Interested

Ecstacy: This one I am on the fence about. It might be fun to try, but I don't think I ever will *Shrugs*

Caffeine: My body is a little dependent on it from time to time.... and I don't feel guilty at all because it's LEGAL!!!!

Other Drugs That I Can't Think of: Not Interested

So, there's my views on drugs and alcohol. I told you I wasn't a druggie or alcohol abuser!!!   :-P


Is chocolate a drug??? That one can be a problem for me, hehe....

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  1. I failed to admit it in my blog in so many words but I've tried Marijuana myself, more than a few times. All of that was long ago but it was a part of discovering who I was as a person. The best way to have an accurate opinion on something is to try it yourself. Although there are not many other drugs I would be willing to try. Marijuana is just one of those drugs I never really saw as a drug or understood what the big deal was. You smoke it and giggle & laugh with your friends while eating snacks. My god call the SWAT team!!! I mean come on.
    *had a typo the first time around, sorry*