Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 8- Someone Who Made Your Life Hell, or Treated You Like Shit

I'm not going to blog about my ex-husband. Yes, shocking. I actually did that already, but only a select few were given the chance to read it. No, there is someone that made my professional life hell when I worked at The Home Depot, and I still have no idea how it happened. Her name is Marjo.

After working at Home Depot for a year and a half, I was ready to move up the company ladder. I went from a cashier to a service desk associate. When I was training, I was told by management to work with Janelle and not with Marjo. There was nothing wrong with Marjo, it was just the simple fact that Janelle was better at teaching how to do things the right way.

OK, nothing wrong with that. I was getting the hang of working at the desk and getting to know the members of my team better. Marjo and I seemed to get along just fine and we made small chat during the day. But, at some point, it had shifted. It could have been because of how I accomplished things were different than her. Or that I seemed to get stuff done quicker and ended up having a lot of free time to stand around and chat with our coworkers. I really don't know. But she seemed resentful of me.

Marjo got frustrated a lot. She would make snide comments under her breath, aiming them toward me. She would get mad because she thought she was doing all the real work at the desk and I wasn't doing a thing. She got angry at the fact that I seemed to have a better work schedule, and always seemed to get what I wanted when it came to requesting time off (which both of those were out of my control). It reached the point where the tension was felt by other coworkers, even members of management. There were a few times where my coworkers and I were called into the store manager's office to discuss what was going on with Marjo's attitude. It became frustrating at times.

The only reason why the tension/ animosity ended was because I unfortunately did something that cost me my job. If I had still been working there, I don't know how much more of the hostile environment I would have been able to handle. Then again, if I was still with the company, I may have ended up becoming the supervisor over the service desk, inevitably becoming her boss. I really cannot imagine how that would have turned out.

If, for some reason, this blog makes it to her (you never know, it could happen), I never meant for our work relationship to be hostile. I was there to do my job and make a living for my son and myself. I wasn't there to make your job harder, or less enjoyable. I just don't believe I ever did anything to you to make you dislike me so much.


  1. I have very much enjoyed your posts. Through reading these challenge posts, as well as your blog in general I feel like I am getting to know you. Of course you know you helped inspire me to start my own blog and I have to say I find this present challenge very therapeutic. Thanks again for helping to get my started.

  2. Again, you are very welcome. I've done a lot of self discovery the past three years. Just when you think you've figured yourself out, you come across a challenge like this that generates even more self discovery. :-)