Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My "List"... And No, It's Not Laminated!!!

Remember this episode from Friends (The One with Frank Jr.)???

Now that I've refreshed your memory with the infamous List... I would like to share who is on mine. I couldn't think of it as quickly as Rachel did with hers, so consider me like Ross on that part. Like it says on the title of this blog... I'm not that much of a geek to laminate mine!

#5- Devon Sawa

I fell for Devon Sawa when I saw the movie Casper for the first time. He was sooo cute and had baby cheeks. Then, in the sixth grade, my friends and I were at a book convention at CMSU (now UCM) and we met Ivy Ruckman, writer of Night of the Twisters. She had worked with Devon since he was in the TV movie based on her book. We were all ecstatic to hear stories about him! Fast forward a few years and I'm still crushing on Devon, but this time it's because of the movie The Final Destination and Eminem's music video for "Stan." He lost the baby cheeks but was still very attractive. He hasn't done much recently (that I've noticed), but if I hear of a movie he's in... be assured that I will see it. :-D

#4- Usher

I just look at that pic and think... Yummy! Usher is a very talented man.. and not just for his music. When I was in high school, I came across a movie called Light It Up. It's about a group of high school teens who end up taking the school's security guard hostage and demand (through the Internet) that they hire their favorite teacher back and improve the conditions of their urban school. Usher is one of the main characters (next to Rosario Dawson) and it proved, to me, that he has longevity in his public lifestyle. Oh, and Usher is a father... and being a parent myself, this makes him even more attractive. As for his music.... any man that can get me on the dance floor is just fine with me!

#3- Adam Lambert

Yes, I am fully aware that he's gay. I don't care, this is my fantasy!!! Besides, he's admitted that if he's tipsy or drunk, he has been known to make out with girls... soooo there's a chance, lol. There's just something about him that's dark and mysterious that makes the attraction very strong. I've had my imagination go wild daydreaming about him and I together (so much that I've actually had dreams with him in it, not all in a sexual manner). This is the one guy on this list that I LUST for the most, and imagining what his tongue could do to me makes me shiver... in a good way! ;-)

#2-David Cook

Oh yes, the Kansas City connection! I knew David was going to go far on Idol when I heard his audition, but I never expected he was going to win. I was so happy that I had tears running down my face. I feel I can relate to him on a pretty personal level. I mean, he and I grew up in the same area (Lee's Summit and Blue Springs are basically next door neighbors, lol), we are the same age (he is only 11 months older than me), and we both have mad love for the Royals. He's also very smart... which intelligence goes a long way with me. He's the one guy on this list that is most attainable to me, and one of these days, I will run into him somewhere here in the city. He's here all the time, visiting family, not to mention that he does own a house here. One day, David, you will meet me!

#1- Jason Segel

Oh, Jason. Dear Jason... so funny, imaginative, cute, REAL. I didn't take much notice of him in Knocked Up, but once I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall... I fell in LOVE! Not only did his role as Peter just touch me with how realistic it was, but he also wrote the script (ah... a fellow writer and his words totally speak to me). My love for him deepened after watching I Love You Man. I also love his physical appearance, for the simple fact that he doesn't have what Hollywood considers a "perfect body." He's got a little extra meat on his bones... which shows me that he's comfortable with himself and doesn't try to fit into someone else's idea of what he "should" look like. Call me weird, but I'm more attracted to guys like that... the ones without a six pack and muscles. I also love how Jason stays in touch with his inner child... so much that he wrote the screenplay for the new Muppet film coming out next year. He is my ultimate celebrity crush and I would be the happiest girl in the world if I ever had the opportunity to meet him... anything beyond that would just be pure bliss!!!

*** Update on November 15, 2010****

Now that you know my top 5, I want to give you a short list of the men that almost made it:
-Seth Rogen
-Kevin Smith
-Timothy Olyphant
-Justin Timberlake

Yep, those guys would be nice to encounter as well ;-)

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