Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 25- The Reason You Believe You're Still Alive Today

I intend to live forever... so far, so good. Okay, I know I won't live forever... that's the sucky part about not having Greek Gods for parents. I just have to deal with mortality. *shrugs*

All joking aside, I am definately alive and kicking. I mean, I've been in a couple car accidents and walked away with some bumps and bruises. I'm not some thrill seeking daredevil that puts my life at risk for an adrenaline rush nor am I an extra cautious person that doesn't take a chance at anything exciting at life. I've been through some serious trials in life... and I couldn't have done it without certain people.

1. My Family: I can pinpoint my optimistic personality to the environment that I was raised. My family (parents, grandparents, and extended family) showed my sister and I tons of happiness. Other than when a family member passed away, I do not recall any sadness, hurt, anger, or tragedy growing up. I'm not saying those things didn't exist; I just believe that my family was very good at protecting my sister, cousins, and myself from harmful exposure.

When I was a teenager and in my twenties, my family, especially my parents, were there for me in my darkest times. My parents let my ex-husband and myself live with them for a while, rent free, to help us out with our debt. Then, when I left Brian, my son and I immediately had a home and the support we needed at that time, not to mention that they basically paid for my divorce. My family is very important to me and I know they will continue to support me in the future.

2. My Friends: What would I do without my friends? We've grown up together, experienced a lot of life's trials and tribulations, and for some of us, moved onto marriage and families. My closest girlfriends, Maria, Katrina, Jaymie, and Robin, have all been there for me, and I felt like I almost lost them all as friends when I was with my ex-husband. They all, in their own ways, tried to get me to see Brian for who he was and I wasn't listening. They stayed with me though, and were some of the first people to know when I made that choice to leave him.

My closest guy friends, Matt, TJ, Ben, Doug, and Patrick, have all contributed in their own ways to be considered some of my closest friends (all whom I knew before Brian and I have reconnected with all of them through Facebook.. except Ben. He and I always stayed connected). I am also happy that I have spent time with each of them this year, and enjoyed the company with all of them!

Then, there's my best friend, Brandon. He is the one person that helped me the most in getting myself back to the cheery, optimistic, geeky person that I am. He and I have logged hundreds of hours talking online about everything, which helped strengthen our bond tenfold in the past three years. He and I can talk about anything and everything and look out for each other, and I love that about us. Love ya Brandon :-)

3. My Son: Having a child has, in part, helped me see my life in a new way. Watching Truman accomplish certain rites of passage in his life remind me of my childhood. Whenever he accomplishes something, I can't help but smile. It's also scary, in a good way, how much he is just like me. I have mentioned in previous blogs about what Truman and I went through in my marriage to his father. If Truman wasn't in my life when all of that was going on, who knows where I would be today... or if I would even be alive?? I am happy to be his mother and cannot wait to be there for him in the future, no matter what life decides to throw at us.

4. Myself: This one is the most important. I CHOOSE to be alive for all the reasons listed above, and then some. There are so many good things out there in the world that I want to experience... and that's hard to do if you are dead. I have too many things I am passionate about. I want to live life to the fullest and am driven to live until my body breaks down of old age (even when I get there, I'm still going to be determined as hell to be as active as I can, with a variety of activities). Here's hoping for a long, happy, fulfilled life!!!


  1. With Greek Gods for parents sure you get the immortality thing but you have to battle monsters and demi gods and go on quest and such. Its a real hassle!

  2. Wow Case that was heartfelt. Above everyone I know your the truest person I know and because that I will be your shield against the worse in life. I'll always be here for ya Case. Love ya back :)