Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 13: A Band or Artist that has Gotten You Through Some Tough-Ass Days

Dear David Cook,

I have been a fan of yours since I watched your audition on American Idol. Your voice was captivating and I was excited to watch you move forward each week and perform some amazing songs! I was a fan of the show before your season, but having a Kansas City connection made things a lot more exciting! I was there at Blue Springs High school during your Homecoming and watched the mayor give you a key to the city. When Ryan Seacrest called your name as the winner, I was so happy for you that I started to cry. It was very cool to walk around town and see David Cook t-shirts everywhere. But, with all your achievements in landing your dream job, you also helped me.

At the time that you were on the show, I was in the middle of going through a divorce. The man I was married to was verbally and physically abusive, and he put me in a very dark place. I'm normally have a very positive, outgoing personality and some of that had disappeared. Somehow, watching you on the show each week gave me something to look forward to, and eventually brought me out of the darkness. Since then, I am back to being the happy, outgoing girl that everyone loved about me. I have continued to follow your career and have seen you in concert four times.

My son became a fan of you, just by watching American Idol with me. One day in late 2008, I was walking around Blockbuster when I realized that your brother, Andrew, was in the store. He ended up behind my son, my sister, and I at the checkout line. My son starts talking to him (like he did with a lot of people at that age, he's a very friendly kid) and starts bringing up that he just saw David Cook and David Archuleta on the Teen Choice Awards earlier that evening. I burst out half-laughing, half in shock that my kid would talk about that, of all things, to Andrew. Your brother was very cool about it, he replied to my son "Well, did you know that David Cook is my brother?" Ever since then, my son sporadically talks about meeting David Cook's brother at Blockbuster.

I am proud to be a fan of yours. I loved your first album and am anxiously awaiting to hear you second one, whenever it comes out. I know you have been working hard and hope to be as entertained with it as the last one!
Thank you for being you.

Always a fan,

Casey Leigh    :-)

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