Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 14: A Hero That Has Let You Down

I really don't have a hero that has let me down, so I am going to change this one up a little bit!!! To all comic book geeks/lovers out there, I dedicate this blog to you!

Dear Batman,

You have been widely admired by the masses. In my lifetime, there have been six live-action films, one pretty awesome afternoon television show, and lots of rides named after you and your enemies in Six Flags theme parks (among many other things). Even though you are very popular, I have a major grievance with you as a superhero, and it sorely disappoints me because I am a fan.

When I think of superheroes, I expect for he/she to be born with some extraordinary skill or talent or that something happened to them that caused them to gain those things. Think about it. The X-Men were all born with their talents, same thing with the superheroes in The Incredibles. Superman was born on a different planet where they all had extraordinary talents compared to us on Earth. Spiderman exists because Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider. The Hulk was a result of genetic mutation. You don't apply to any of these.

Now, I do give you credit for dealing with the murder of your parents in your youth (sorry that happened to you, by the way), causing you to seek vengeance against those who did that. That also happened to Matthew Murdock (aka. Daredevil) and Peter Parker. Vengeance is huge in the comic book world... and it also drives you guys to continue to capture criminals after your initial hunt.

Most superheroes have mediocre or poor jobs, causing them to deal with their crime solving without financial assistance. As Bruce Wayne, you are a very successful businessman. This allows you to be able to afford all the wonderful gadgets and vehicles you rely on to fight crime. If you were not born into the family, or the industry, you would probably have never been able to become Batman in the first place. You would just be a normal, average person that would have spent the rest of your life wanting to seek revenge for your parent's murders. Or, you would have found the right people, killed them, and would be serving a lifetime sentence. Either way... money doesn't buy happiness, for you it just adds fuel to the fire.

I'm sorry I had to blow up your ego like that, but it had to be said. I just cant take you seriously as a superhero. It's bad when I consider Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy better superheroes than you, since they have natural abilities unlike yourself. I mean, if you can live with that fact, then good for you! Just know that you won't be able to convince me that you are the best superhero out there. Sorry.

Good luck with teaming up with Robin and Batgirl,

Casey Leigh


  1. But Case, doesn't the fact that Batman has no actual, super-natural abilities kind of represent that the average person can stand up against what is evil/wrong in the world? That you don't need any special abilities to fight for what is right? (Besides the money aspect lol)

    Just thought I'd play devil's advocate for a second and offer a second view of Batman lol :)