Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 21- Your Best Friend is In a Car Accident. You Two Got in a Fight the Hour Before. What Do You Do?

Let me paint you a mental picture...

Brandon and I are chatting online, as usual (we would be hanging out in person if we didn't live 5 hours away from each other). Let's say we are talking about dating and relationships and he says he wants to tell me he wants to take another chance with a female. I remind him about what happened with said female in the past and hope he knows what he wants to do. Then, he reluctantly says that he already did something. I get mad, yell at him and tell him that he's going down the same road again. Then I see he logs off. I assume he just wants to let off some steam since our conversation turned hostile.

An hour goes by and I get a phone call from an Arkansas area code. Hmm... he's not calling from his cell. Nope, it's not Brandon. It's his mom telling me that he was in a car accident and that Brandon is in the hospital.


I tell her to tell Brandon that I am headed down there as soon as possible. I talk to my parents and tell them that I need to go and will make it back in a day, maybe two. So I make the drive down to see him. I stay with him in the hospital and only leave his side when I need to get something to eat. I completely forget about the fight... all I care about is that he's going to be fine and that he has me to be there for him, because that's what best friends do!


  1. WOW, that had to suck. The guilt must have been unbearable. I am glad you both made it through that.

  2. Umm... this didn't happen. It's a made up scenario, but my best friend would agree that this is how the situation would go down....

  3. Well now I just feel silly. Shows what a great writer you are though. Well done!