Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 28- If You Were Pregnant or Got Someone Pregnant, What Would You Do?

*Rereads the topic of this blog*

Well, I've already made that decision!!! And his name is Truman :-)

Anyway, since I am single, dating, and am sexually active... there is the possibility that this could happen to me again. I say possibility because birth control is not 100% guaranteed to keep you from getting pregnant (abstinence is what always works). So, with that said, what would I do if I found out I was pregnant?

The first thing I would do is tell the father of the child. I am a firm believer that the man has a right to know and will never hide that from anyone. Then I would explain my intentions for the pregnancy, which is that if I choose to have sex, then I accept all responsibilities that come with it (In English: I keep the baby).

Now, depending on the relationship between the father of the child and myself will determine how involved he will be with the baby. Just because I choose to be responsible doesn't mean that he will be... and I know this through personal experience (*cough* Brian *cough*). But to dive into the "what if" scenarios will steer me away from the blog topic.

So, if I find myself needing to pee on a stick... then rest assured that I won't be walking into an abortion clinic or filling out paperwork for adoption. I love being a mother so why would I want to give up a child just because I didn't plan to have one? I mean, Truman wasn't planned and that worked out wonderfully :-)

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