Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 23- Something You Wish You Had Done with Your Life

Having just turned 27 a few days ago, I've been reflecting on what I've done with my life. There are so many things that I thought I would have done by now: graduated college, started my adult career, and be a homeowner. Those things I can still do, and plan to, but there is something that I should have done years ago.

I wish that I would have taken a year off between high school and college.

You see, my first year of college was dismal. I was burned out from high school and I wasn't putting in the effort. I failed a few classes and was close to failing others. I prioritized social activities over everything else, especially my first semester. Being in St. Louis on my own was extremely exciting; I couldn't help but getting out to Cardinals games, Union Station, and the unforgettable Halloween Masquerade party inside one of the haunted houses. Then, when I came back home to KC, I was hanging out with my friends. I actually did better that semester, but I should have made the effort since I was paying them for my education.

If I had taken that year off, I would have done a couple things. First, I would have spent a half year working at a job and saving most of the money in a bank account. Then, I would have planned out an amazing vacation where I would have traveled to several places. I would have either stayed in the United States and visited all the major cities that I wanted to go to or I would have flown over to Europe and traveled through many countries. Just writing about this makes me want to do this now, but since I have a kid to take care of, I would probably only be able to do a vacation for a week (maybe two if I am lucky).

I think taking that year off would have significantly changed my attitude toward college and improved my grades. I may even already be a college graduate by now. It's a good thing that I'm still young and extremely goal-oriented so I can get back on track. Then, I could celebrate that with the big vacation I should have taken 8 years ago.


  1. You know a year off between High School & College might have helped me too. My downfall was the sudden freedom and a year to experience that before adding college in I think may have made a major difference. I never thought about that before.

  2. You maybe right but you never know. Taking a year off after you still would have wanted to be on your own and exploring things. there's a pretty good chance you could have blown all your money or slacked off at a job and not school. that first year after highschool is hard no matter where you are. Maybe its better this way because you learned how much you value going to college now and will make the most of it when you go back and you'll go through doing really good and land a great career.

  3. Or I would have fallen in love with a place and ended up moving there. Oh the "What If's" in life!!!!